Who are we?

We are the Scotts!! Jaren & McCall. We are both originally from St. George, but we have spent the last 8 years living in Cedar City with our 3 fab kids: Cooper (11) Porter (9) & Harper (3). In February 2013, Jaren was offered a position in Summit County as the Solid Waste Superintendent, which he accepted, and after looking around a little, we decided that Heber seemed like a great place for our family. One of the things we were both most sad to leave in Cedar was our awesome CrossFit community.  We were fortunate enough to be part of a wonderful gym there and learned firsthand what it means to be an outstanding trainer, part of an awesome community and achieve our goals in a positive atmosphere. WE WANT TO SHARE THAT!!

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As you get to know us, we hope you will see that our intentions are for everyone to have the same experience with CrossFit that we have had. We both started CrossFit for different reasons and with different goals, but have found success & fulfillment doing the same thing….. we think that is awesome!! We are both “A type” personalities. Details matter to us. If we tell you we will do something, you can be sure we will do it. As trainers, we will hold you accountable to do your best. We will motivate & encourage you. We will be your biggest fans.


We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you!!