ROOT BEER // 2|22|18

Notice that during the 5 weeks of THE OPEN, we will offer a 5:30pm class Friday evenings. This is NOT a permanent schedule change.



5 rounds. 3 minutes work / 3 minutes rest of:

10 burpees

10 box jumps 36″ / 30″

AMRAP calories (bike / row) for remaining time


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WOD & DONE // 2|20|18

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For the next 5 weeks, the Open workout schedule will be as follows….

No changes will be made to the regular class schedule.

We program workouts throughout the week knowing you need to be ready for a great weekend performance. Ask us if you have questions about how to modify or adjust your workout schedule.


strength | skill

4 sets

1a. front squat x 4 reps with 2sec pause at bottom

1b. chin over bar hold x 30sec


wod | WOD & DONE

5 rounds:

10 power cleans #155 / #105

10 hspu



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TRICKY // 2|16|18


It’s that time!! If you haven’t already signed up for the CrossFit Games, you need to get it done!! If you’re newer to CrossFit, here is a quick rundown of how “The Open” works.

Beginning Thursday, February 22nd, and continuing for the next 4 weeks, CrossFit HQ will release a workout online. It will contain movement standards, prescribed weight, etc. Athletes have until the following Monday (4 days) to complete the workout in a CrossFit Affiliate (our gym), in front of a judge, and submit their score online. Once the deadline is reached, athletes are ranked both in their respective region & worldwide, with other CrossFitters. The top athletes in each region then move on and compete for a spot at the CrossFit Games (which you’ve probably seen on ESPN).

  • – – – –

“The Open” is a great opportunity for many things! It helps keep CrossFit Affiliates legit – making sure we are holding our members accountable to the CrossFit standards for all of the movements & making sure our programming (or WOD choices) are in line with CrossFit WOD’s. It gives CrossFitters an opportunity to see where they stand against CrossFitters around the world! It’s a great way to take your performance to the next level – remember how you felt after you competed in the Heber Humbler or the Festivus Games? You can have that experience every week for 5 weeks. It’s a fun way to be part of our community at CrossFit Vapor! We are all in this together!!

I know you’re thinking, “I”m not going to win” or “I know how I compare already” or “I’ll just do the workouts & not sign up” or a million other excuses and reasons not to sign up. STOP IT!! For every excuse you can give, we can give you a reason TO sign up. Like, this year there is actually a “scaled” division with modifications!! We will do the workouts at the gym during regular class times as well as Saturday mornings, so you’re going to do them anyway! I can go on and on and on….

So, click HERE and sign up. There is lots more info there as well. We will continue to remind you until the 22nd!! Make it happen.



strength | skill

every 2 min for 16 min (8 sets) perform a double thruster


wod | TRICKY

10 minute AMRAP:

5 reverse burpees

10 reverse lunges 1.5 / 1

15 hanging knee raises

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VERSIONS // 2|15|18

PROGENEX & FNX orders due TODAY!!


strength | skill

shoulder press / 12. 10. 8. 6. 4.




20 rounds for time in pairs. 10 rounds each person, alternating entire rounds.

10 cals on bike or rower

10 push jerks #155 / #105



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YIELD // 2|13|18

  • Reminder that there is NO OPEN GYM this Wednesday EVENING. Regular morning classes.
  • PROGENEX & FNX orders this Thursday. Order forms are on the front desk.
  • Sign Up for THE OPEN

strength | skill

front squat / build to todays heaviest double using the following rep scheme:

5, 4, 3, 2…. continue with doubles until you fail


wod | YIELD

20 min AMRAP:

25 box jumps 20″

50 wall ball shots #20 / #14

75 sit ups

100 double unders


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RENDERED // 2|12|18

THANK YOU to all the Vapor athletes who competed this weekend. You represented CrossFit Vapor with class. THANK YOU to all those who showed support by stopping by & cheering – it didn’t go unnoticed. What an awesome weekend!!

  • Reminder that there is NO OPEN GYM this Wednesday EVENING. Regular morning classes.
  • PROGENEX & FNX orders this Thursday. Order forms are on the front desk.
  • Sign Up for THE OPEN


strength | skill

6 x 3 deadlift // build as form allows



4 rounds for total time:

15 deadlift #185 / #135

30 air squats to a medball

15 burpees

1 minute rest


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