CYCLONE // 10|18|18


strength | skill

Muscle Snatch 3 x 3

Power Snatch 3 x 3



15 Snatch #135 / #95

75 KBS 1.5 / 1.0

20 box jump overs 24″ / 20″

25 thrusters #135 / #95

10 clean and jerk #135 / #95

20 hspu

30 front squats #135 / #95

75 dus

75 situps

20 ring push ups

PAPER HEART // 10|16|18


strength | skill


set 1 (10 reps at 50%)

set 2 (8 reps at 60%)

set 3 (6 reps at 70%)

set 4  (4 reps at 80%)

set 5 (2 reps at 90%)



4 rounds for time of:
400 m run
200m farmers carry  #50 dumbbells / #35 dumbbells

20 min time cap

GRAND CHIEF // 10|15|18


strength | skill

1.3 x 3 high hang power clean @ 65%

2. 3 x 3 low hang power clean @ 75%

3. 3 x 3 power clean @ 85%



20 burpees

6 rounds of “the chief”

10 burpees

4 rounds of “the chief”

5 burpees

2 rounds of “the chief”


“the chief” =

3 power cleans #95 / #65

6 push ups

9 air squats

SCREENING // 10|12|18

strength | skill

front squat: 3×4 with a 3 sec pause at the bottom



Every 6 min for 24 min (4 sets) at max effort/speed

3 Muscle ups

5 squat cleans #135 / #95

100m sprint

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CATALYST // 10|11|18

strength | skill

deadlift 5×5 at 75%  (warm up and stay at the same weight for all 5 sets.



4 rounds for time of:

400m run

20 wall balls #20 / #14

10 deadlifts #225 / #155

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SHABBA // 10|9|18

Cam, Rach, Terra & Jeremy competed in the ATO CrossFit competition last weekend & killed it!! Both teams ended up with a podium finish. Way to represent!!

strength | skill


3×3 from the high hang @ 65%

3×3 from the low hang @ 75%

3×3 from the floor at 85%


wod | SHABBA

20 min AMRAP of:

25 kbs 1.5/1.0

8 snatches #115 / #75

10 burpee box jump overs 24″ / 20″

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VICIOUS // 10|8|18

Foundations starts TONIGHT & we have a few spots left. Do you know anyone who wants to CrossFit?


strength | skill

1. strict press 3×5 @ 75%

2. behind the neck jerk 3×3

3. ring pullups 3×3 (weighted, if possible)



10 min amrap of:

50 du’s

10 CTB Pullups

10 ring dips

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BENCHMARK WEEK // 10|6|2018


Each day this week, we will be finding a new 1RM for each of our lifts. classes will feel like an “open gym” format all week, with everyone working on different lifts each day. When you come in, you will warm up & start lifting. Depending on how many lifts you need to get each day (if you have a new 1rm after July, you DON’T need to re-test) and how many days you are coming this week, we can make a plan for how to most effectively get all your lifts completed. After you find your maxes for the day, if there is time remaining in class, you can test some benchmark WOD’s as well!

Aside from sleeping & eating well, like always ;), finding a 1RM is not something you want to do on an empty stomach. Most athletes find greater success feeling a little more “full.” There are lots of other tips & tricks out there – do a little research!

Here is an EXCELLENT article about finding a new 1 rep max:

Maxing out is the culmination of our current lifting cycle.  A “max”, aka “1 rep max”, aka “1RM”, is how much you can lift one time. But, that doesn’t mean you walk in to the box and just pick up a heavy barbell. There is a lot that goes into maxing out, both mentally and physically. Here are some tips for finding your max this week:

How to work up in weight:

  • Start with a set of 5 with just the bar. Do another 1 or 2 light sets of 3.
  • This should take you up to about 50% of your estimated max. If you’re not sure where your max will be, look back at the past few weeks and see how much you lifted for your sets. Your max will be slightly higher than that number.
  • From here you should make no more than a 5kg jump, or 10kg for the guys that have a high max, as you work up. On the snatch, you will add weight more slowly – from 2 to 5kg at a time, depending on how heavy you are working up towards.
  • Drop to singles once you hit about 70% of where you think your max will be.
  • As you get closer to your max, you will probably start making smaller jumps in weight – maybe even just 1 or 2kg at a time.
  • Complete at least 10 warm-up sets before attempting a 1RM. The heavier you are going the more sets you will need!
  • As it gets heavy, make sure to rest at least 1 minute in between sets. Rest 2 minutes or more between max attempts.

Getting ready for your max lift:

  • Focus on a perfect set-up for each lift. Your set-up is DIRECTLY correlated to whether or not you will make a lift.
  • And remember breathing – take a big breath in and hold it for the lift. This helps you get a tighter set-up and maintain core stability throughout the lift.
  • Your warm-up sets (even the light ones) should go exactly the same as your max lift attempt. Part of working up to your max is mental. Make sure your set-up and mental preparation as you step up to the bar is the same no matter what weight you are lifting.
  • If you miss at a weight, you can try to lower the weight to something you can for sure get and work back up. A large part of the Olympic lifts is mental. Getting your confidence back at lighter weight can help you work back up and beyond where you were before.

And, of course, remember the first 3 Platform Rules from Brand X:

(1) Listen to the trainers. The trainers know how to lift weights. They’ve spent hundreds of hours moving literally tons of it, learning from some of the best coaches around. So when one is speaking, take note. You will learn proper technique, thus gaining strength and avoiding a six-month layoff while you figure out that that little pain is a hernia.

(2) Check your ego. This one is directed mostly at the guys. When it comes to the platforms, know your limits, be patient, and learn technique. The fastest way to screw up your progress or hurt yourself is trying to keep up with more advanced lifters because you’re worried we might not thing you are tough. We don’t care.

(3) Do not be a baby. This one is directed mostly at the gals. Yeah, we know you haven’t lifted weights before and you’re worried about getting too muscular. Guess what? We don’t care. Get on the bar and lift. You will like it, particularly when you start lifting heavier than the men in your life. You’ve noticed the other CrossFit ladies. None of them look like the Hulk. You will learn that strong is the new skinny and that a double bodyweight deadlift is the Prada of weightlifting.

The coaches will be there to help you figure out what weights you should lift, and to make sure your technique is solid. Remember to write your new max in your WOD Log on the “Max Lifts” sheet, so you have all of your strength numbers in one spot and can see your progress. Good luck!

Athletes will test for the following: 

Back Squat
Front Squat
Shoulder Press
Overhead Squat

Short Tester WOD’s to do after finding a couple of maxes each day:

2000m Row

500m Row

100 cals on Assault Bike

1 mile Run

5k Run





Open Gym style format ALL WEEK

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