BIG BANG // 10|1|15

For those of you who have been coming to YOGA, Brent has asked that I encourage you to get a few things (4 if possible). They are listed in order of importance.

1. A Yoga Mat. The kneeling poses without a mat are hard on your knees.

2. Yoga Blocks. I’ll include an article to explain how to use them. Brent stressed the importance of these to me again today!!

3. Yoga Blanket. It should be similar to a heavy Mexican blanket, not a bedspread or soft fluffy blanket.

4. Yoga Straps. We haven’t needed them yet, but will in the future.

These items can be purchased at a sporting goods store or online. I googled them all & there were SO MANY OPTIONS.

If you haven’t made it to class yet, you’re missing out!!

strength | skill

1a. Front Rack Lunges 3×8 ea leg. Rest 1 min

1b. 3 sets of Turkish Getups, 2 per arm.

1c. 3x Side plank hold 30 sec. ea side.

wod | BIG BANG

For Time:

20 deadlifts #275 / #185

20 front squats #185 / #125

20 squat snatch #135 / #95

** Use the same bar.