BREAKING BAD // 9|9|14



our staff page has been updated! take a minute to read our trainers bio’s! we are really excited & feel lucky to add cami taylor to our crossfit family and add another GREAT trainer to our staff! she has a lot of knowledge to offer, so take advantage & get to know her!! every coach has a different style, method and approach – what motivates one athlete may not work for another. ALL of our coaches main focus is proper form & you can be confident that no matter who is coaching the class you’re in, they want to help you achieve your goals. 

strength | skill

TGU: in 5 min, build to a moderately heavy weight.

then, complete 2 each arm EMOM for 10 min.



against a 6 minute running clock, 2 sets for max reps of:

row 1000 meters

back squat x max reps

(suggested loading: men=bodyweight, women = 3/4 bodyweight)

rest as needed between sets.

** compare to Jan 30, 2014