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“Success in giving joy at Christmas usually involves help from others. It is rarely found in solitary effort. Joining with others spreads the joy and makes it more lasting. And perhaps most important, invoking faith in the Savior, the Creator and source of all lasting happiness, invites the pure love of God, which is the greatest of all gifts and the sure source of enduring joy.” 
Henry B. Eyring

Monday night we wrapped & delivered Christmas to 2 local families who wouldn’t have had Christmas otherwise.

When I suggested we sponsor these families, I couldn’t have imagined the generosity that would be shown. Clothes, toys, food, toiletries & gift cards were given in abundance. 2 brand new sets of bunkbeds, mattresses & bedding were given to a family of 4 who had been sharing 2 twin mattresses on the floor. (Can you imagine sleeping in your OWN BED for the first time?!) One of our members made arrangements for a mom with dental problems & her 13yo daughter, who lost a permanent front tooth, to have their teeth fixed.

Delivering the gifts is something I wish you ALL could have been a part of!! It was humbling to realize the items we brought doubled their current possessions. They were each overwhelmed with gratitude. You know when someone REALLY hugs you? Like they mean it? Thats what kind of hugs we got.

Tuesday night I left the gym & made a quick stop at Walmart. As I walked in I saw family #1!! I was instantly greeted with HUGE smiles (one toothless ;)) and hugs from all 3 kids. It was as if we had been friends forever. Their mom was shopping in the produce section – something I assume isn’t a regular luxury – and when we made eye contact, she was just as happy to see me as the kids had been. They have made a huge impact on my life.

I knew our gym was full of incredible people, but I am humbled & overwhelmed by what you have done. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed. You made a huge difference in some very humble & unassuming peoples lives. I don’t think it will be forgotten ?

* a special THANK YOU to a few local businesses, who are not associated with our gym who made BIG contributions to help us: Mattrezzz, Dr Brandon McKee @ Heber Valley Dental, One Good Thing by Jillee, Blendtec. Lets return the favor by supporting them!!