FIBERGLASS // 10|10|17

We will be placing an order for FNX supplements this week. YOU HAVE UNTIL SATURDAY TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. If you’d like to try something, fill out the order form at the gym VAPOR MEMBERS RECEIVE 20% OFF RETAIL PRICE. That’s 20% off the prices listed on their website. I’m exited to try the AM Protein blend & the pre-workout!!

We are excited to see how you like them & will make a plan to order FNX and/or PROGENEX as you (our members) would like!!

If you want / need Progenex, go ahead and order from their website this month on your own.

strength | skill

behind the neck push press / 5 x 5



On a 20 min running clock, every 5 min, complete:

10 UNBROKEN deadlift #185 / #135

200m sprint

10 UNBROKEN deadlift #185 / #135

*score is combined time for all 4 sets