FINALIZED // 3|29|16


we did it!! we survived another year of THE OPEN. for some of us it was a first, for others it was just another year in the books. hopefully you learned some things about yourself, your Vapor friends & CrossFit in general. you have 12 months to prepare for next year – how will you spend your time? what do you want to improve? we promise to program & coach as well as we know how to get you where you want to be. we encourage you to evaluate YOURSELF and set some goals. get serious about your training & nutrition, no matter what your goals are. we are here to support you.

strength | skill

Hang Power Clean / take 10 min to build to a heavy triple



15 min amrap of:

20 weighted box step-overs 20″ 1.5 / 1

20 Push Press #95 / #65

40 Double-Unders