FRI-NALLY // 10|13|17


FESTIVUS GAMES is tomorrow! If you want to come cheer on the Vapor teams, its at Hermes CrossFit in Spanish Fork. Competition starts at 9am.

Attendance at Friday nights classes has been SLIM (like 0-3 people) for the last few months. We need an AVERAGE of 4 people to keep the class. If it’s important to you for us to continue the class, make sure you’re here!! We will make a decision at the end of October about Friday night classes.


strength | skill

complete as much as possible in 10 minutes

20 turkish get ups

20 pistols (lower to a box, stand up if you are capable)

20 eccentric HSPU (3 sec lower under control, no push up – use parallettes if it’s easy)



12 min AMRAP

50′ handstand walk (must cross 5′ intervals)

15 wtd situps #45 / #25

20 alt. pistols