GOAL DIGGER // 8|20|14



beginning this week and continuing through the end 2014, wednesday nights will be “goal digger” nights at the gym. feel free to come in and work on any lifts, skills, movements that you would like. you are also welcome to do a workout you’ve missed or even try one you’ve done to see your progress. if weightloss is your goal, wednesday nights would be a great time to come do some interval work. there WILL be a coach there, but there will be a lot going on, so you can’t expect one-on-one attention.

there are SO many resources online to help you achieve your goals, i have found several progressions for everything from double unders to muscle ups to overhead squats. do a little homework & research and MAKE A PLAN!! you can do a google search as simple as “how to increase my deadlift in 3 months” and you will be shocked at how many ideas / programs come up. even pinterest has lots of good stuff! if you need help finding what’s right for you and will fit in best with our programming ASK US!! we can help you with anything you need, but we are asking YOU to make a plan. take some accountability in your goal setting & achievement. let us HELP get you there.

don’t wait until next week. make a plan. commit. be a goal digger!!

6:30 – 7:30pm