INBOX // 2|2|16


You only have until FRIDAY to find a partner & get signed up for the HEBER HUMBLER!! You can earn 10 FREE WALL BALL SHOTS for the February Challenge by sharing our Heber Humbler FB page or any other HH info on social media BY WEDNESDAY!! (the february challenge tracker will be up tomorrow afternoon) If you need a partner, you can post at the gym or on the private FB page.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR INBOX!! You should have received 2 emails in the last 3 weeks from us (CrossFit Vapor) regarding our new member management software (ZENPLANNER) & our upcoming price increase. If you haven’t received them, please LET US KNOW!! If you have, its almost time to make a decision about what you’d like to do with your contract. We will let you know how to make it happen!!

strength | skill

1a. Front Squat 4×4 @80%

1b. 4×10 GHD situps


wod | INBOX

2 rounds for time of:

50 pull-ups

50 sit-ups