LEAN & STRONG CHALLENGE WORKOUT #3 (Burpee Boss & Babe) // 11|6|18

Get your team members here for the LEAN & STRONG WORKOUT CHALLENGE #3. You can also do it Wednesday or Saturday during open gym, but you need all 3 people to complete it.

strength | skill

deadlift 10, 8, 6, 10, 8, 6

increase weight on second wave


wod | LEAN & STRONG CHALLENGE WORKOUT #3 (Burpee Boss & Babe)

As a team of 3, take 9 minutes to complete as many BURPEE BOX JUMP OVERS as possible. 24″ / 20″

Athletes MUST face the box on burpees.

Athletes MUST jump (2 foot jump & land) onto the box. BOTH feet must land on the box before you can step or jump off.

1 athlete working at a time.

Switch athletes as often as you want.