MANIC MONDAY // 6|9|14


 day one. 6am. south kaibab trailhead. grand canyon north rim.

// we had an awesome weekend hiking Rim to Rim to Rim at The Grand Canyon. i’ll post pics this week, so you can live vicariously through us (it’s the best way to experience it really 😉 ). it was kind of like childbirth, ridiculously hard & something you say you’ll never do again while you’re doing it, but you forget & start planning your next trip once it’s over!! it got us excited to hike timp with you all this summer!! //

strength | skill

front squat / 10 x 3 @ 85% / 90% rr



50 ring dips

400m run

50 push ups

400m run

50 hspu

400m run

** compare to 9|9|13