RANDY // 6|10|14



// this is a really cool waterfall called “ribbon falls” on the north kaibab trail. it’s a little off the regular trail (about a mile total) but totally worth it!! we only went all the way to the waterfall on the way down the north rim, but we stopped at the little creek that runs off it & sat in the cold water on the way back. the picture of jare is the waterfall above the waterfall with the picture of all 4 of us. it was so refreshing to get in the freezing cold water. it was a lifesaver on day 2 actually. // 

strength | skill

1. hang power snatch 3 x 5 @ 65% / 1min rr

2. power snatch 3 x 4 @ 75% / 1min rr

wod | RANDY

75 power snatch for time #75 / #55