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  1. It’s not as simple as “falsifying facts”. There is considerable disagreement about language acquisition in both children and adults, and so long as Benny presents it as his POV, I don’t see any dishonesty here. Remember that not so long ago the consensus among linguists was that we were hard-wired with a complex set of rules known as transformational grammar; now nobody believes there is such a thing (not even Chomsky). Krashen, who is cited by Scott, did considerable damage to the teaching of second languages with the dogma “learning never becomes acquisition.” (Once in a while I come across a sad, wandering soul repeating this like a mantra.) To the extent that there’s a consensus on childhood vs. adult language acquisition, it’s “Children learn some things more easily than adults; adults learn some things more easily than children.”
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  2. I love this post, you really summarized whole foods eating in a way that would be easy to read and understand for those who are looking into it. We are on board with everything mentioned here, although we are gluten-free since our older 2 children are sensitive to it. The nice thing about switching to gluten-free diet, is that you stop relying on baked goods as much (no more daily sandwiches) and only have them on occasion as a treat or special meal. It also encourages you to incorporate other grains that are a lot more nutrient dense than wheat.
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