SPECTRUM // 3|8|15


new evening schedule starts next week. NO YOGA THIS WEDNESDAY.

You should have received an email about WOD tracking with Zenplanner. Now that you all have accounts set up, we are ready to roll!! Follow the instructions & start tracking your workouts, lifts, maxes, etc. As of right now, we can’t sync MYWOD with Zenplanner, but that should be available later this summer. For now, just start logging in Zenplanner. There are still lots more cool Zenplanner features we will use, but this is a good place to start 🙂

strength | skill

Deadlift: 10,8,6,4, complete all sets unbroken


Complete in any order. 4 min each.  Rest 4 min between of:

run 800m + air squats

run 800m + push press #95 / #65

run 800m + row cals

*Score is air squats, push press, cals rowed.