UTILITIES // 5|10|16



THIS SATURDAY at 8am we will hold a fundraiser workout for BO GRAY. I’ve shared his story below. His parents Caleb & Amanda are dear friends of many of our Vapor members. We are asking everyone who comes to workout on Saturday bring some cash to donate to the Gray family. Our suggestion is a $10 donation, but of course, anything is appreciated!! EVERYONE IS INVITED!! We will make sure it’s a workout that anyone can do, so invite your friends & family – lets make this a HUGE event.

We will count the money after the WOD & make sure 100% of it gets straight to Bo’s family. It will make a huge difference for their family. Here is their story….

“There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby. When Caleb and Amanda Gray welcomed baby Bowman (Bo) into their lives, their joy was overflowing.

A short time after Bo was born it was discovered that he had come with some special attributes and some complications.  Bo was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and it was discovered that he had multiple holes in his heart that would require surgery.

On Tuesday April 26th just short of his 5 month birthday, little Bo was taken to the Primary Children’s Hospital for a scheduled surgery to repair his little heart.  Amanda and Caleb were advised of the high risk of the necessary surgery and they, friends, and family prayed for the best.  Caleb gave Bo a beautiful blessing and into God’s and the surgeon’s hands they sent baby Bo.

Initially it seemed all had gone well, the 5 hour surgery seemed to be a success.  Unfortunately Bo’s heart began to beat very fast and could not be slowed. Along with the rapid heart beatt he had no sinus rhythm.  A pacemaker was attached to try to settle things down.  His blood pressure began to drop and his breathing became weak while on the ventilator.

By Wednesday it was very clear that Bo was struggling and Amanda and Caleb could do little but watch and pray that Bo would somehow recover.

Thursday morning came and the downhill trend continued.  The right side of Bo’s heart was no longer functioning, severe heart failure was imminent.  His weak lungs were getting weaker and he continued to require the ventilator to breath. The Doctors decided to induce medical paralysis and put Bo into deep sedation hoping that if they gave him a break and let the machines do the work that he would begin to improve, his heartbeat was still exceeding an alarming 200 bpm.  An hour later, Bo’s heart stopped.  Bo’s cardiologist happened to be in the room making his rounds with his stethoscope on his chest when Amanda recalls seeing his blood pressure drop from 80 to nothing within seconds.  The doctor called “code blue” and dozens of medical personnel rushed to room.  Compressions, shocks, and more compressions as Bo’s room is turned into an emergency operating room.  Eventually the doctors succeeded in restoring his heartbeat after crashing twice, but they had to reopen his chest and place his heart on bypass.  The doctors explained to Amanda and Caleb that they also put a hole in the top of Bo’s heart to help relieve pressure.

By Friday there were more concerns with his heart, his lungs, and now potential brain bleeds from the requisite blood thinners for the bypass.  If he develops bleeds in the brain, it will all be over for baby Bo.

It now becomes critical for Bo to develop a P-wave in his heart and then later a full sinus rhythm.  Without the P-wave, this will all be for naught.

By Saturday morning Bo still has not developed a P-wave which is unheard of this long after surgery and the doctors begin to indicate that it’s unlikely to come after this much time.  Many many prayers are offered by friends and family.  Stories of mothers pulling over and praying with their children on the side of the street fill Amanda’s facebook feed.  Caleb and Amanda singing for hours hoping for baby Bo to find his P-wave heart rhythm.  Finally Saturday evening the miraculous news arrives, Bo has found his rhythm, he is developing a P- wave!

Sunday, begins a good day.  Bo is hopefully on the mend. But his lungs are still very very sick, his chest is still open and he is still on bypass with no sinus rhythm.  Bo is in a fair bit of pain, still paralyzed and heavily sedated.  Amanda and Caleb have to search for places to make skin to skin contact, the only places being his toes, shins and right hand…later an IV is added to the right hand, taking that away from them.  Sunday is a rest day for Bo, he’s earned it!

Monday it’s decided that it’s time to close Bo’s chest due to risk of infection.  Bo has been on bypass for a long time and a CT scan will be needed to determine the damage to his brain and intestine from his two cardiac arrest events.  Bo is too weak to move to an Operating Room, so they once again turn his room into and OR. and remove him from bypass.  The hope is that Bo’s heart has the strength to take over. Amanda and Caleb had to sign Do Not Resuscitate papers because they said that in the fragile and critical condition he was in, he most likely would not make it if they had to go back to Bypass.

The surgery was successful and Bo’s little heart rises to the challenge.  The pacemaker is still attached as Bo’s heart is still not beating properly.

Tuesday is a day of good rest for Bo and by Wednesday evening with much relief the sinus rhythm is restored in Bo’s heart!  

At this time it appears Bo is likely to make it through this episode, but he and his family will no doubt face significant challenges now along with many medical visits and future heart surgeries.  Many of us in the community and friends and family from afar have followed this developing information daily and even minute by minute.  The costs associated with an event like this exceeds imagination and what any typical family can bear and it becomes an opportunity for others to lend a helping hand.  I’d ask you to look into your hearts and see if you can help this family be able to focus more on Bo’s recovery and less on the financial turmoil that will certainly ensue.  God Bless!”


10 min emom

Rx = 3 ring muscle ups

L2 = 4 unbroken pullups + 4 dips,

L1 = 5 jumping pull-ups + 5 box dips


every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):

20 Walking Lunges 1.5 / 1 kg KB in each hand


three sets of:

1a. single-arm DB row x 8-10 reps each @ 2111

Rest 45 seconds

1b. Hollow Rocks x 60 seconds

Rest 45 seconds