“Crossfit Vapor is the only way to start my day! The coaching staff is amazing and the members are the best! The gym is kept so clean and the classes are run efficiently starting and ending on time for people with a busy schedule. Crossfit Vapor is the best crossfit gym in Heber!” – Tammy C.

“I’ve been going to Crossfit Vapor since they very first opened and have loved it so much! I can genuinely say that going here has changed my whole outlook on health and fitness. I finally got really committed and serious about my workouts and joined the nutrition group at the gym a year ago. In a year I’m down 30+ pounds and am in the best shape of my life. I’m doing things in my workouts that I never dreamed I would be capable of. I couldn’t have made any of that progress without the support of the wonderful Crossfit Vapor owners, McCall and Jaren and the other incredible coaches. And beyond the workouts, I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful friendships I’ve gained working out here!” – Kaitlyn 

“Crossfit Vapor, where could one even begin to express how awesome this place is! I started my crossfit life just a short 9 months ago and I can’t say enough about how much it has improved my life. In so many ways! All of the coaches at Vapor are amazing and take excellent care in making sure that you are working safely. All the other members are incredibly kind, welcoming, and encouraging. Classes are very well organized and I have never had a better time getting my butt kicked into shape! I love my Crossfit Vapor family!” – Erin

“Crossfit Vapor has completely changed my outlook on working out. I have never been a very good gym go-er, but this is motivating. I feel myself improving almost every day. I started in July and by August I was already cinching my belt tighter. When I started it was almost hilarious to watch me do a pull up and now I’m doing them like a boss! I love it! Everyone should give it a go!” – Jordan

“There are always differing opinions on CrossFit (usually very passionate ones). Those opinions are most often in regard to coaching. When in comes to coaching, Vapor has some of the best coaching and fitness programming I have seen. Jaren and McCall make fitness individual, and make everyone feel comfortable with an environment that can be intimidating for those that are new to the sport. I highly recommend Vapor.” – Jared

“I highly recommend Crossfit Vapor! I started going about 4-5 months ago. I love the people and really really like the workouts. McCall and Jaren do a fabulous job and ALWAYS take time to make sure everyone knows the proper way to do the lifts before every workout. Highly highly recommended!” – Sierra

“I have had the best experience with Crossfit Vapor. The gym and all the coaches are absolutely amazing!!!!! I would never push myself they way they do with tons of encouragement and the modifications that help me make everyday a success!” – Jennifer

“This has been an awesome experience so far. I have been able to make new friends that are there for the same reasons I am. Going to the gym just seemed like a chore, but now I find myself wanting to go and push myself to the next level. I have lost 25 pounds and made it possible to do things that didn’t think I could do strength wise. Good trainers that know their stuff and how to help you gain a better outlook on yourself!” – Denver

“I never thought I would look forward to working out, but I do now. I started at Vapor in August and I have really enjoyed it. I look forward to working with knowledgeable trainers, great people, and doing things I never thought I could do. The physical results are great, but I also love that I can go, work hard, and feel good about what I can accomplish. Thats what keeps me coming back.” – Rachel

“I tried CrossFit a few years back and hated it. Since starting here a couple months ago I have completely changed my mind about it. I love CrossFit! The coaches and everyone who goes to Vapor are amazing! Great comrodary everyone helps motivate and push each other. Always varying workouts with varying levels of difficulty. Great for everyone!!! I would strongly recommend giving it a try you won’t regret it!” – Chris