BURRITOS // 4|20|20

Current CrossFit Vapor members, I emailed you an update on Friday. If you missed it somehow, check your email. If it’s not there, send me an email & I’ll resend it. As a reminder, if you borrowed equipment, please return it Monday during one of the designated times.

strength | skill

Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes / 8 total sets

3 deadlifts

3 bent over rows

3 front squats

3 push press

3 clean & jerks

  • complete all movements without putting the weight down.
  • if it’s light, work on form OR increase the complex by 1 rep each set until it’s difficult to complete.


Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes / 5 sets:

400m run

With the remaining time, complete AMRAP sit ups.

  • L1: 200m runs
  • Example: if it takes you 2:15 to run 400m (or 200m), you would do as many situps as you can for the next 45 seconds. Then you start again.
  • score is total number of sit ups.

4 thoughts on “BURRITOS // 4|20|20

  1. Riley 90
    Kristi 34
    Seth 144
    Tate & Mckay 80
    All RX

    Burritos for dinner for sure😭💛

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