FINAL BOW // 5|29|20

THIS IS IT! The final workout we will ever post. It felt fitting to go back to where we started, so in honor of finishing where we started & everything along the way… we’ll take our final bow (originally called Ridiculousness)! Thanks again friends.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

strength | skill

1a. backsquat 4×6 / no rest before completing squat jumps

1b. squat jump 4×12/ 2min rest


800m run

5 rope climbs

50 KBS 2/1.5

50 GHD sit ups

50 back extensions

800m run

  • sub rope climbs with towel pull-ups. or supine pull-ups. or whatever you want 😉
  • sub ghd sit ups with straight leg weighted sit ups
  • sub back extensions with Superman’s

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