What Our Members Are Saying

I have been going for 3 months, and am down almost 30 lbs. What I thought would be a miserable experience, has been nothing but fulfilling and do-able. They even modify exercises that I can’t do quite yet. It’s for real. Try it out! – Erik

Crossfit Vapor has completely changed my outlook on working out. I have never been a very good gym go-er, but this is motivating. I feel myself improving almost every day. I started in July and by August I was already cinching my belt tighter. When I started it was almost hilarious to watch me do a pull up and now I’m doing them like a boss! I love it! Everyone should give it a go! – Jordan

Great coaches, great community, great results. Love Vapor. – Jared

This has been an awesome experience so far. I have been able to make new friends that are there for the same reasons I am. Going to the gym just seemed like a chore, but now I find myself wanting to go and push myself to the next level. I have lost 25 pounds and made it possible to do things that didn’t think I could do strength wise. Good trainers that know their stuff and how to help you gain a better outlook on yourself! – Denver

I never thought I would look forward to working out, but I do now. I started at Vapor in August and I have really enjoyed it. I look forward to working with knowledgeable trainers, great people, and doing things I never thought I could do. The physical results are great, but I also love that I can go, work hard, and feel good about what I can accomplish. Thats what keeps me coming back. – Rachel