#LOVE4MIA // 10|8|13


// Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Mia McDonald returning to heaven. Mia’s mom Mimi, is one of the first friends I made in Heber. To celebrate Mia’s life, Mimi has suggested that anyone who wants to, do something good for someone else in honor of her sweet Mia. I plan to do something kind today, but couldn’t help extending the invitation to the CrossFit Vapor family. In the true spirit of CrossFit, today’s WOD will be in Mia’s honor. Mia’s favorite color was purple, if you can, please wear purple to the workout today!! //

for more information visit the McDonald family blog

strength | skill

3 heavy front squat / EMOM for 10min


wod | #love4mia

6 rounds for time:

12 push press #95/#65

12 box jumps 24″/20″

12 SDLHP  #95/#65

12 burpees

12 kbs 1.5/1