Here we go!! Tomorrrow’s workout will use no equipment, so those who are coming to pick stuff up in the morning can still get it done!

strength | skill

1a. push ups 5 x 5 – focus is perfect form, modify to knees if needed to maintain full range of motion & tight plank position.

1b. v ups 5 x 5 – focus is perfect form, try to keep arms & legs as straight as possible, modify by bending knees if needed.


10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

air squats (if you struggle with depth, squat to an object)


reverse lunges

  • L1, modify by starting at 8 instead of 10.
  • L2, modify by starting at 9 instead of 10.

Post your time & level to comments!!

22 thoughts on “SWALLOWING PILLS // 3|17|20

  1. 8:11 RX

    I think I maybe did it wrong tho. I didn’t do a lunge on each leg. I just counted each single.

  2. 6:32 – John
    8:15 – Lisa
    6:31 – Maisey
    6:03 – Miles
    6:40 – Beau
    2:58 – Ellie

  3. 9:02 RX

    Jaren and McCall thank you both so much!

    To any members reading this, I plan on doing all of these and posting my score daily. Now is the time to standby one another! Jaren and McCall are taking great care of us by letting us check equipment and giving us daily wods during these strange days. Let’s do our part and support them throughout all of this. CrossFit is supposed to be about community right? Well it’s time to put up or shut up, and I choose to put up! I know what you’re thinking “that’s a lot coming from the guy who hardly speaks and trains in the corner.” Well, it’s like I already said, strange days, indeed.

  4. I think you did it right!! Every lunge counts as a rep. So right leg = 1, left leg = 2…

  5. Riley 6:36 RX
    Kristi 6:52 L1
    Seth 6:59 RX
    Thanks for a fun workout! You guys are the best!

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