SYLB #2 // 4|13|20

Hey all! We hope you are well & had a Happy Easter!! A great questions was asked on the workout comments last week (thanks Tonya) about wanting to workout everyday for normalcy, stress relief, etc. but it’s hard to know what’s too much and won’t allow for paper recovery. Here’s the best answer I have…

First, you need to understand that your tolerance is much less right now, meaning your nervous system is “maxed out” and can’t process like normal. You may notice you can’t “push” like you normally can in workouts & you’re probably assuming it’s because of the extra snacks you’re enjoying, but it’s not just that – it’s more a function of your nervous system. Just know that it’s OK & recognize it for what it is. Appreciate what your body CAN do & know it’s enough!

Next, don’t expect to push at your max effort every day, even if the workouts seem “light and fast.” We are compensating for the lack of heavy weight with more volume, which is just as difficult to recover from.

So, to answer the question, instead of doing a “WOD” every day, use the 3 on / 1 off method that CrossFit promotes. On the “off” day, choose something that allows you to recover. Yoga, a walk, swimming (I’m aware that there aren’t options unless you have your own pool) hike, etc. Something that allows you to get your blood flowing, but doesn’t cause your body stress.

strength | skill

strict press 4 x AMRAP

Use a barbell or kb or dumbbells.

If you can do both arms at the same time, great! If not, complete AMRAP on each arm, each set.

wod | SYLB #2

For time:
100 double-unders
21 burpees
75 double-unders
15 burpees
50 double-unders
9 burpees

Time cap: 15 minutes

16 thoughts on “SYLB #2 // 4|13|20

  1. Bench press complex
    4×10 strict press #95 barbell

    11:00 RX
    (not my day for DUs! #eyewhipped)

  2. Ryan- 7:10 Rx
    Calf cramp last set of Double Unders.
    Maddie.- 3:35 scaled
    Jumping Jacks too easy!!

  3. Lynne 5:44
    Sophia (9) 5:45
    Both scaled for masters 40-44
    Then Sophie did an extra 9 min. EMOM just for fun. 😛

  4. Riley 6:56 RX
    Kristi 8:55 singles X2 (200, 150, 100)
    Seth 9:20 singles X2 (he needs a longer jump rope…his parents are too short😉)

  5. Jed- 7:45 modified X3 singles.
    I actually did practice DU today. (Insert shocked face)

  6. After video review, I missed a burpee. I redid it at 6:32…I don’t want to ever do that workout again.

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