THE FITTEST // 3|26|20

HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET? THE FITTEST is a documentary of the 2019 CrossFit Games. It was just released on iTunes. If you need a little bit of corona motivation, it’s right up your alley!

strength | skill

tempo wall squats / 5 x 5

Start with your butt & upper back against a wall. Feet as close to the wall as possible, but will allow you to leave your HEELS on the ground throughout the squat. Butt & back should maintain contact with the wall the entire time. Take 5 seconds to descend to the bottom of your squat, then explode up quickly.

Rest 2 minutes between sets.


20 min AMRAP

20 wtd russian twists (use db, kb, wall ball or plate)

20 hang power snatch (light barbell or 10 each arm with db or kb)

20 goblet squat (use db, kb, wall ball or plate)

20 goblet reverse lunges (use db, kb, wall ball or plate)

9 thoughts on “THE FITTEST // 3|26|20

  1. I miss my motivators šŸ˜¢
    4 + 9 #30 Dumbbell #45 Barbell
    I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

  2. 3+33… 35# pound KB, 55 pound snatch. Zero motivation today. I miss my CrossFit friends!!

  3. Ryan 5+10
    35# Russian Twists
    75# Snatch
    35# Goblet Squats and Reverse Goblet Lunges
    Maddie 5
    20# Russian
    20# Dumbbell Snatch
    20# Goblet Squats and Reverse Goblet

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