Now that we are halfway through May, I wanted to give you an update on a few things.

First, we appreciate your support in our decision to close the gym. We know that it affected your lives in a major way. Thanks for your understanding & friendship. Change is hard & we know that.

Next, hopefully you have been able to stay active – that’s the goal, right?! To live an active, healthy life? I wanted to provide a little more guidance & some options if you feel stuck.

Jaren signed up for CrossFit Linchpin 2 weeks ago & is LOVING it. It’s $10 / month. In addition to daily programming, you get a Beyond the Whiteboard account, which provides workout tracking. Pat Sherwood (the owner of CrossFit Linchpin) is a CrossFit O.G.. The programming looks a lot like what you got at CrossFit Vapor – traditional CrossFit programming. Every day he provides a thorough warm up, strength | skill & a WOD – 1 hour worth of training. He posts a video the night before explaining, in detail, how to approach it, much like you would get in our classes. There is a full gym option as well as a limited equipment & a bodyweight only option for EVERY WORKOUT. Then you post your score & see how you finish against thousands of other athletes. You can also create your own community of people you know & compete against them! It’s amazing. The great thing about somebody else programming for you, as opposed to just picking workouts to do, is that you won’t have holes. Meaning, you won’t just do workouts you are good at, or you want to do! Even after doing CrossFit for 10+ years & coaching & owning a gym, this is important for US. If you want to try it, search for Jaren & add him to your community!

I have been doing Brute Body, which is more of a strength program. I did it 4 years ago & loved it! I wanted a change of pace after closing the gym, so I went back to it. It takes much longer than an hour & requires a lot of weights & equipment. You could do it at a traditional gym, or in an open gym setting at a CrossFit gym. It’s 6 days a week of pretty intense training. Unless you are looking for a major change & commitment, I’d not recommend it. However, I love it!

Now that gyms are open, you may want to see what else is out there! The Mountain Gym is a CrossFit affiliate. IronBacks is the gym that moved into our space – Justin, the owner, is a super nice guy! The Fit Stop has been around forever & has a little bit of everything! There are lots of other options as well – do some research & see if one of them is a good fit for you.

As promised, I will continue to post workouts here through the end of May. If you need help or advice on the next step, don’t hesitate to send me an email [email protected] & I’ll do my best to guide you.


strength | skill

Run 1 mile for time


125 burpee over bar or db’s or kb

At the top of every minute, starting at 0:00, complete 5 SDHP #95 / #65.

  • If you don’t have a barbell, use what db’s or kb you have.
  • L2: 100 burpees / 4 SDHP
  • L1: 75 burpees / 3 SDHP

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  1. Riley 7:52 mile 21:32RX
    Kristi 10:07 mile 13:39 L1 green KB
    Tate 7:39 mile

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