VEGGIE TALES // 9|23|13

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THIS IS SO EXCITING!! Our nutritionist, Emily Fonnesbeck, has posted her 2 week nutrition plans!! I have been following the her outline for 2 full weeks & I can’t tell you how great I feel. I am seeing results in a few different ways, including: weightloss, decreased water retention, increased energy, decreased sugar cravings, mental clarity & the ability to “push” when I get to the fight or flight part of the workout.

 How many times have you said, “If someone would just tell me exactly what to eat I would do it!” – well here you go!! For so many of us, there is just so much information out there about what to eat and what not to eat, that it becomes overwhelming & we give up, or try a crash diet hoping to get miracle results. CrossFit is hard. And rewarding. Don’t you think if you are working as hard as you are, you deserve the BEST results possible?  I do!! I can tell you that you can come to CrossFit faithfully, but without proper nutrition you will NEVER maximize your results. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, increase your endurance or just FEEL BETTER, proper nutrition is key & Emily will help you get there.  

In the “shop” on her website there are 2 options to purchase. The first is a “plant based” recipe book /  meal plan. It is for non meat-eaters. If that’s you OR if you just want some more healthy meals & snacks to incorporate into your rotation, this is awesome. Don’t worry….. you will get PLENTY of protein and feel full. It’s not a list of salads 😉 The second option is the “2 week clean eating” recipe book / meal plan. I have mostly been following these recipes, with a few exceptions & LOVE them. I have texted Emily a few times and told her how yummy recipes are and that sometimes I almost feel guilty because they taste so good. It includes 14 days of breakfast lunch & dinner ideas as well as snacks & other tips! One of the things I have loved most is the convenience of the meals. I haven’t felt like the ingredient list is huge, or the time in the kitchen is crazy or that I have have spent a ton of money at the grocery store. As a working mom, most of Emily’s recipes are quick & easy – there are even several crock pot meals!! 

I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of what she if offering! I am happy to answer questions you have about my experience so far. If you haven’t already followed her on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest… do it! She has a realistic, positive approach to health & nutrition.  I want to make it clear that her view of nutrition is NOT A DIET. You can read all about her education, experience, philosophy & more on her website

Here’s to your health!!

strength | skill

1a. 3 sets of 1 power clean + 7 front squats / build each set / 60sec rr

1b. wtd. chin ups 3 x 5 / 60sec rr


5 rounds:

50′ walking lunges with #45 / #35 barbell overhead

21 burpees