WEDNESDAY // 4|15|20

Here are some ideas:

Do a workout you’ve missed in the last few weeks.

Run. Intervals for speed or distance for aerobic capacity.

Mobility. DownDog & GoWOD are still free!

Gymnastics work. Tabata style handstand holds, squat holds, L-sits, etc.

Core work. 

  • comment what YOU do to inspire others with your ideas!!

6 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY // 4|15|20

  1. 5 x 5 back squat

    Work on weaknesses (list is long)

    50 burpees for time

    Everyday 10 box jumps until I’m not afraid

  2. 18 min AMRAP
    9 box jumps 24”/20”
    9 deadlift #185/#135
    9 cals

    McCall 6 rounds Rx
    Jaren 8 rounds Rx

    Today is the day I usually front squat, but felt super unmotivated! I will try again later or maybe just do it tomorrow. But I will get it done!

    Tristi, i like your plan!!

  3. Did yesterday’s workout
    30 and 3 rounds
    Made a plan: 5 thrusters every 30 sec. At first i wanted to do more…but I stuck with the plan. You would be proud.)

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