WEDNESDAY // 4|8|20

Here are some ideas:

Do a workout you’ve missed in the last few weeks.

Run. Intervals for speed or distance for aerobic capacity.

Mobility. DownDog & GoWOD are still free!

Gymnastics work. Tabata style handstand holds, squat holds, L-sits, etc.

Core work. 

  • comment what YOU do to inspire others with your ideas!!

3 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY // 4|8|20

  1. Front Squat 5×5
    McCall #150
    Jaren #215
    Porter #145
    Harper #22.5

    4 RFT:
    48 DU
    12 CTB
    8 Cleans #155 / #105

    McCall 12:00 Rx
    Jare 9:55 Rx
    Porter 13:09 80 singles / jumping CTB / #105
    Harper 13:02 80 singles / jumping CTB / #35

  2. This is quite possibly the farthest thing from a Crossfit workout that you could do but I have been OBSESSED with The Fitness Marshall on YouTube the last couple of weeks. They’re dance aerobics videos and they’re just so dang fun. It’s been just the thing I need to lift my spirits right now. I sometimes do 2 or 3 videos just to get warmed-up before a WOD but on Wednesdays I usually do a full hour to get some good cardio in. I’m always drenched in sweat by the end! Here is the playlist I’ve got going of some of my favorite songs:

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