Just because you’re quarantined, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop encouraging you to work on your mobility!! Wednesday is a great day to work on recovery; whether that’s traditional yoga, old school stretching or a low intensity workout (meaning your heart rate stays BELOW 70%).

There is an app called DOWNDOG that is offering FREE yoga through the end of the month! Download it & do it with your kids. Or lock yourself in a room & do it by yourself. Just click here for the info!

Also, GOWOD is offering a FREE 40 DAY TRIAL! Follow the instructions below.

BUT…. If you want a traditional WOD, here you go!! Don’t forget to post your times & mods to the comments!!

Make sure you warm up properly! 5 – 10 minutes of dynamic stretches after at LEAST 3-5 minutes of aerobic activity.

wod | 3|25|20

spell VAPOR or CrossFit Vapor!

5 thoughts on “WELLNESS WEDNESDAY // 3|25|20

  1. Wright’s did a 30min time cap
    Riley V + 13 burpees
    Kristi & Annie U + 1:20 wall sit
    Seth 29:04
    Tate 28:50

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